Removal Tips for Hassle-Free Moving

Moving house or office can be stressing if not planned well. Poor planning will lead to waste of time in moving, and incurring more costs than necessary. If you are not hiring a removals service to do everything, you will need to pack and plan for the transport of the kids, pet and any other small valuables that can be carried. There are some few tips that you can use to make your moving stress free.

Packing list

If you are packing a lot of items, there is likelihood that you will forget an item or two. Making a packing list and ticking off as you pack is the best way of ensuring everything is packed. You can make one list for small valuable goods like jewellery, and another for household appliances like the iron box. Make the list patiently so that everything is on it.

Smart packing

  • Have a survival kit that includes the essential items that you need to get comfortable as you are settling in the new house. These include keys, toilet paper, coffee maker, hot water kettle, toilet paper, and remote controls.
  • Carry your important documents near you. These include important documents, cheque books, passport, and other items you consider valuable.
  • Reinforce packing boxes at the bottom with several strips of masking tape to avoid items dropping away from the bottom.
  • Label all cartons according to the rooms where they will be placed in so that the unpacking can be done fast and efficiently.
  • If you plan to carry your potted plants ensure they are watered on the previous day. Cover the branches and leaves with a plastic bag to avoid dehydration.
  • If there are items to be dismantled, make sure it is done properly by asking a qualified tradesman to do it. This includes electronics, plumbing, computer networking etc.
  • Clear the fridge on the previous day including emptying the icebox. Give away any food that cannot be carried.
  • Dismantle any items that come in modules and pack them in appropriate boxes. Clean gardening tools before packing them.
  • If you have a pet consider having a friend or neighbour take care of him while you do the packing to avoid unnecessary harassment from the pet.
  • Pack some food and water that can be easily accessed as you will undoubtedly get hungry and thirsty from all the lifting.

Moving efficiently and stress-free depends on how well you are prepared for it. The removal tips above and others you can think of will be very useful in making it a painless affair.