How to Save Money on Removals

Moving house costs you sweat as well as money. If your landlord has not refunded the tenant deposit, you will need every penny you can save doing the moving. This is more so if you are moving a long distance from your current location. There are few tips you can use to save on your hard earned cash when using removals services

Dump the junk

The removals service will charge according to the load you have. There is a lot of junk you accumulate over the years that you keep for sentimental purposes or just because there is storage for it. Sort out through your stuff and separate what you need and junk stuff. Dump the junk for a lighter load and lower costs.

Second hand packing boxes

You do not need brand new packing boxes to carry your stuff. The removals service will charge for using their packing boxes. You can cancel these costs by using second hand boxes. There are many places to get those including bookshops, bars and supermarkets.

Have several options

It is advisable to look around before making a choice in a removals service.  Look at the classifieds or do a Google search and you will find several removals services doing their ads and offers. Choose 2 or 3 and ask them for a quote. Compare the quote on price as well as other add-on services included like arranging the house.

Book early

Removals services can tell when you are desperate and will cash in on your desperation. If you need to move in a hurry, be prepared to pay more. Doing an early booking will allow you to negotiate for a lower cost.

Pack well

The volume of your load will depend on how well you pack. Packing early will allow for a more compact job. You can make a checklist of what to pack in which box to save on space.  Stuff that is not used frequently like gardening tools can be packed early enough to get out of the way.

Pick appropriate van/truck

If you are moving a small house or office, you do not need to hire a removals truck. You can hire a man and van service to do the job. Look for a van/truck that can adequately handle all the stuff in one go without leaving too much space in excess.  You will be charged lower for a smaller tuck or van.

Use review sites

There are numerous customer review sites where you can get good recommendations on affordable removals services.