Moving house checklist

Moving house could be regarded as one of the most stressful experience you can encounter. That’s why Easi Movers have created this checklist to make your move as smooth as possible. Remember to plan in advance to avoid any last-minute appointments and important tasks.

It is important to start thinking about those belongings that you don’t want to take anymore. Make a list and if usable donate them to charity on time before your moving out day. Next, it’s time to make a list for everything that you want to be moved specifically for large items such as kitchen appliances and furniture.

Please remember you can order from us packaging materials or you can hire our excellent packers to do the job for you. Note that you should use durable boxes to ensure no breakages happen. Label each box with their contents and in which room the box needs to go. Ensure all boxes that contain fragile items are carefully labelled.

4 weeks before the move

It’s time to notify all utility services about your changing of address. Please see the information below of who you should notify.

2 weeks before the move

If you haven’t done until now, it’s wise to book your removal company to carry out the moving process. Parking should have also been arranged for both addresses. If needed you should also plan to take a day off and provide your employer with adequate notice period.

Couple of days before the move

By now you should have everything packed and ready for the movers to take away. Defrost and clean your freezer. If needed arrange a cleaning team to come and clean the property after movers have emptied the property. Speak to your landlord and estate agent about returning keys. Remember that some items are prohibited and our team will not be able to transport them. Therefore, plan carefully what you will be taking with your personal vehicle. Have the payment ready for the movers. Get a good sleep and prepare yourself for the big day.

The Move day has arrived!

Do a final check of all rooms and ensure that you have taken everything that you have planned. Enable the movers to familiarise themselves with the property and provide easy access. Ensure that someone can supervise what needs to be taken out of the property. At the end ensure that the property is locked and all windows are closed.